June 13, 2024
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July 8, 2019 10:37 am

Tom Fitton (Judicial Watch) delivers a mesmerizing ‘report’ in the sidebar video. I urge everyone to grab a java and make the time to watch the entire presentation. The literal mountain of devastating evidence of criminality by the Obama Administration being uncovered by Judicial Watch over and over again is stunning. Why the U.S. Marshalls Service (possibly/hopefully the only remaining law enforcement agency overlooked for corruption by Obama) hasn’t been tasked to raiding and securing FBI HQ, the CIA and yes, even offices in their own DOJ is more than disturbing. It should frighten all law abiding patriotic Americans and even Canadians. A corrupt and failed American state on our border would negatively impact our country in unimaginable ways. Jeff Sessions appointment ensured 2 more years of unfettered fabrication, lies and obstruction ‘to cover their tracks’ by the previous administration. Barr was inserted into the race at the back of the pack. Granted he has some serious catching up to do and it can’t haoppen overnight. I get that. For the American Republic the Deep State is another form of Metastasis. AG Barr is the surgeon Trump has chosen to treat and defeat the disease. A band-aid will not cure the patient. The only hope is radical surgery via indictments, prosecution and lengthy terms of imprisonment of all/anyone involved otherwise the host will surely die.

I have long expressed my concern/suspicions of AG Barr being the man for this job. Given Mueller’s decades long record of lack of judicial scruples (that’s putting it mildly) how could Barr possibly not know that? Impossible. How could he consider anyone of Mueller’s dirty reputation a good friend (by his own admission)? The Deep State’s unrelenting and even increasing attacks on Trump, rather than terrified hiding from public expose, cannot help but make me suspicious that they ‘know something’ that gives them comfort. Another ‘insurance policy” yet to be revealed? They are too cocky. Too self assured. A good defence is a good offence? Maybe. We will find out eventually. Until then my jury is still out on Barr.