June 17, 2024
Populist Revolt Is Bearing Fruit
Liberals actively support you being kept from expressing dissenting views, whether by threats, abuse or force.
Liberals actively support you being kept from expressing dissenting views, whether by threats, abuse or force.

We are witnessing the death of the liberal political machine that the elite has operated since the end of World War II, and everything that it is doing to conservatives right now – the censorship, the threats, the intimidation, the violence – is proof that it is dying. These are not the acts of an ideology in ascendance but rather of a scurrilous political paradigm in precipitous decline. And it’s only going to get worse as those losing their grip on political and cultural power desperately try to hold onto it in the face of our populist revolt.

Be prepared. It’s going to get uglier. Our would-be masters see the stakes – their power, prestige and position – and that’s why there is nothing they won’t do, no alleged principle they won’t upend, no bogus value they won’t abandon, to put off the reckoning that their greed and incompetence have brought upon them.

It’s not just happening here in America. It’s happening all over the world – in places like Australia, Hungary, the UK, Brazil, and Italy, uppity citizens have proclaimed that enough is enough, that they want to have a say in their own future. That they have had enough of multiculturalism, globalism and scorn. They want their countries back.

Let’s review the situation here. Silicon Valley’s tech moguls, who advocated a free and open internet when it was to their advantage, have found, to their horror, that Normal people could use it to make themselves heard about the utter failure of our betters at home and abroad. That’s why we have seen the elite’s 180-degree pivot toward censorship and thought control on the web. The progressives never believed in free speech except to the precise extent it was useful to them; the tech titans’ alleged libertarianism extended only as far as them not being held accountable to the people through the people’s government, and no further. Now that they are in power, well, free speech is suddenly very, very bad. People are saying things the elite dislikes. That’s not supposed to happen.


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