July 13, 2024
The Liberals have problems with judicial independence
Skepticism around this latest story is highly warranted.
Skepticism around this latest story is highly warranted.

It’s not enough that politicians be clear of actual wrongdoing when it comes to misdeeds, such as corruption or improperly interfering with the justice system. They must be completely free of the perception that they have crossed these lines.

This is a rule widely known, previously voiced even by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau himself.

That’s why we’re left scratching our heads about a story concerning judicial appointments coming out of New Brunswick.

As first reported by the CBC, five out of the last six judicial appointments in the province went to people close to federal Liberal cabinet minister and Trudeau friend Dominic LeBlanc.

The individuals appointed include, according to the report, a “neighbour, a LeBlanc family relation and three lawyers who helped retire debts from his unsuccessful 2008 leadership bid.”


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