June 17, 2024
Farage's Brexit masterplan: Brexit Party unveils 100-strong army ready to crush new PM
Nigel Farage will unveil £200bn Masterplans to crush new PM in election.
Nigel Farage will unveil £200bn Masterplans to crush new PM in election.

NIGEL Farage will today unveil plans for a £200billion investment in the regions as the Brexit Party prepares to fight and win an autumn general election.

The first big policy announcement by the party which won the European Parliament elections comes as it unveils more than 100 Westminster candidates at a rally today. Senior figures in the party have also told the Sunday Express that they will be ready to fight an election by the end of July. It is understood that the party, which was only formed in May, will have regional campaign teams and operations ready to rival the Tories and Labour. 

The Brexit Party going on to a full election footing comes as a Cabinet minister said senior ministers now believe an election in October or November is “almost inevitable”.

Ministers already expect defeat at a by-election called in the Welsh constituency of Brecon and Radnorshire where the Tory MP Chris Davies was found guilty of fiddling his expenses.

The Cabinet minister said: “The problem is that some of my Remainer colleagues will support a vote of no confidence in Boris. If we lose the by-election in Wales we will have a majority of just two, even with the DUP, so it will only take one or two [Remainer Conservative] MPs to support the vote and we are facing an election.”

Veteran MP Ken Clarke and chief Remainer rebels Dominic Grieve and Phillip Lee have been named as the most likely rebels to stop no-deal “because they have nothing to lose”.


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