July 20, 2024
Democrats, debating, don’t disappoint
Democrats, after all these months, still show as the party of loons.
Democrats, after all these months, still show as the party of loons.

About an hour into Democrats’ first televised presidential debates, involving 10 of the party’s two dozen candidates — the second batch scheduled to speak on Thursday evening — President Donald Trump tweeted this: “BORING.”

Actually, “BORING” is a bit of a misnomer. There were some spirited moments.

For instance — and this may not qualify as spirited per se, but definitely exciting, leaning toward mysterious — one of the night’s nagger of a question, for at least the better part of the first hour, was this: Who’s the bald guy?

Well, spoiler alert: John Delaney.

Yep. The guy from Maryland. The guy from Maryland who once upon a time served as a congressman.

See that? Not “BORING.” Figuring out the answers to puzzles are never boring.

Aside from that tiny distraction, Democrats, during the debate, by and large, made for jolly good shows. Just as they were Not “BORING” — they were Not Disappointing, either. Every dang one of them came through, loud and clear, with the loon-alike.


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