June 14, 2024
Brexit Party continues to take voters from Labour and Tories and Lib Dems surge into second place
Nigel Farage's Brexit Party has continued to grow in popularity.
Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party has continued to grow in popularity.

THE Brexit Party is continuing to siphon votes from Labour and the Tories, according to a new poll.

Nigel Farage’s fledgling party has left the major parties floundering as it picked up more than a quarter of voters, new YouGov analysis for the Times has suggested.

According to the survey, the Brexit Party attracted 26 per cent of the vote, followed by the Lib Dems at 22 per cent.

Labour then followed at 19 per cent – falling from 20 per cent – while the Tories scraped in with 17 per cent, down from 18 per cent.

And cementing the Brexit Party’s popularity, the website Electoral Calculus has suggested they would win almost 250 seats if a General Election was held tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Tories are predicted to take just 54 seats, below Labour’s 216 and just a little over the Lib Dem’s 51.

It comes after Mr Farage hailed another “historic” new poll that put the Brexit Party on top for a general election.

The poll, leased by Opinium, shows the two main parties floundering as voters abandon them for failing to get us out of the EU.


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