May 19, 2024
Oh Good, We’re Doing The Civility Thing Again
In a fight, civility is a good way to get your teeth knocked down your throat.
In a fight, civility is a good way to get your teeth knocked down your throat.

So, Donald Trump, Jr., retweeted a mean tweet about Grandpa Badfinger and the usual suspects went through their collective panty wetting again. “Civility is important,” we barbarians are duly informed, because of course it is. But we have noticed, over time, that in reality it only seems to be important when we are the ones breaching it. For us, it is open season. We have a big target on our collective back for the vilest slanders and the most ridiculous lies, but apparently that’s OK. “Civility” apparently only raises it’s well-coiffed, Romney-esque head when we breach it.

S.E. Cupp, the formerly relevant Smart Girl Glasses model, gave away the game after Pelosi called Trump “morbidly obese”: “Let me end the suspense. Trump’s called multiple women fat, slobs, pigs, dogs. He bragged about grabbing us by the p***y. He attacked female journalists and wishes we’d be more like a subservient 1950s housewife. So, yeah. When Pelosi calls him obese I find it f*****g hilarious.” (I added some *s). Gee, I guess this politeness norm is so important that our betters have to burn the village to save it.

It’s almost like “civility” is just a way to shut us up and ensure that we have no means to fight back against our opponents, who will then be free to pummel us into submission.

The Fredocons and Never Trump goofs who wave the civility banner most fervently whenever we shame them by resisting instead of submitting are certainly in no hurry for us to be heard. Instead, they want us to be a herd, or rather, a flock of quiescent sheep, doing as we are told and writing them checks to support the conservative fight that never seemed to happen until we rejected them in 2016.

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