May 19, 2024
Forget About Seeing Any Justice For Obamagate
You need to prepare yourself. No one of any significance is going to jail for any of this. Ever.
You need to prepare yourself. No one of any significance is going to jail for any of this. Ever.

Allow me to disabuse you of your naïve delusion that we still live in a country with a justice system and break it to you that no one is going to jail for what was done to Flynn, or for the unmasking business, or for the Russia hoax or, for that matter, for any of the corrupt Dem/foreigner collaborations exemplified by the payoffs received by stripperphile and Bolivian folk medicine enthusiast Hoover Biden.

No one.

Well, maybe Mike Flynn himself will. Since his judge is now making up the law as he goes along – in law school they taught us that the judicial branch didn’t prosecute, but that was before the Trump Exception™ to existing principles – I actually expect that the next time the General shows up in court the judge will sentence him on his coerced plea to a “crime” that never happened and order the marshals to immediately take him into custody. And, as we have seen far too often since the advent of the bat biter blues, too many LEOs simply obey, apparently never having got the 411 on how the Nuremburg defense of “just following orders” is unsat. Flynn will get pardoned instead of exonerated, so he’ll get sprung from stir, but he will have no civil recourse for resurrecting his reputation or savings, which is the plan.

We have two justice systems, one for them and one for us, meaning we have no justice system at all. 

Sorry to have to break this to you. I know it makes you sad, but how do you think I feel? I spent 27 years helping defend this country and voilà – here we are, a flippin’ banana republic. Turns out our elite is perfectly cool with treating our Constitution like Charmin.

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May 19, 2020 7:05 am

Exit Steven Harper who before he left office refused to appoint senators because he believed they should be elected. Steve, you work with the system you have because the other side have no scruples.
Enter the little potato…….