May 19, 2024
The killer lines in Planet of the Humans
I wanted a distraction from the plague, but Michael Moore's new movie wasn’t anything like I’d expected.
I wanted a distraction from the plague, but Michael Moore’s new movie wasn’t anything like I’d expected.

It’s one of those films that suddenly everybody seemed to be talking about. So there was that, and the buzz around it gave the distinct impression that it was a documentary in that line the insufferable American celebrity Michael Moore rolls out every couple of years for the gratification of the bourgeois-left quadrant of his broken country’s intellectually slovenly cinefiles.

Also, I wanted a distraction from the plague, something to watch half disgusted and mildly amused, to fit my mood at the time, but Planet of the Humans wasn’t anything like I’d expected. Michael Moore produced the film, but it was written and narrated by Moore’s longtime off-screen companion and collaborator Jeff Gibbs. I think the idea was to create a genre hybrid of sorts, part journalistic exposé, and part sad but self-righteous meditation on how shamelessly the mainline American environmentalist establishment has sold out to the man.

The documentary’s topic, in the immediate foreground, is renewable energy, or rather green energy — which is to say anything that isn’t derived from fossil fuels, except for nuclear power, which is bad — and how it’s really all just a big fat capitalist racket, no better than the tarsands, when it comes right down to it. To be fair, though, it’s got some killer lines.


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May 2, 2020 9:34 am

Michael Moore, green energy, society? Kleptrocracy comes to mind. Green energy bad, fossil fuel bad, too many people bad. Too many bad people, maybe good? The message I got from the film was as clear as the proverbial bell. Moore has joined the cohort of malthusian eugenicists like Bill Gates, the Rockefellers and Henry Kissenger, who by the way, famously coined the term “useless eaters”.
An argument regarding population can surely be made but these people want a stake in who remains and who does not. Its a club you see and we ain’t in it.