May 19, 2024
China Did This — and Will Do Worse
Short-term economic gains with China are not worth the ideological and political suffocation that will come as a result.
Short-term economic gains with China are not worth the ideological and political suffocation that will come as a result.

While COVID-19 has wreaked havoc across the world, one of the things we can be thankful for is that it has exposed the true character of the dangerous red elephant in the room: the Chinese Communist regime. We live in a milieu in which those who decide to speak out about the corruption of the Chinese Government (CCP) are labelled as racists and xenophobes, hence  a reasonable dialogue is virtually impossible. The very fact that secular elitists were endlessly deriding President Trump for calling COVID-19 the ‘Chinese Virus’ is a case in point.

Before we go any further, let’s clarify that by ‘China,’ I am referring to the Chinese Communist Party, not the Chinese people. There is a clear difference, and this is critical.

As of today (April 4), there are now 1.1 million of Coronavirus worldwide. Countless Chinese citizens who have spoken out about China’s negligence in dealing with the virus have been imprisoned, some likely killed. If you’re interested in seeing the extent of their suppression of information, the see here, here, and here.

Stephen Lee Myers, of The New York Times, writes:

The central health authorities first learned about the outbreak not from the reporting system but after unknown whistle-blowers leaked two internal documents online.

The fact that the CCP knew about COVID-19 back in November 2019 is enough to reject the preposterous claim that there are currently ‘zero new cases’ in the virus’ origin, Wuhan. What’s more, while it is clear that the city is home to a CCP-owned virology lab, it’s not clear if this is where the virus originated, and whether it was indeed manufactured as a biological weapon. Regardless, China is exploiting the current state of international instability and insecurity to expand and advance its own objectives and power. This ought to be no surprise, since China’s international ambitions are simply an extension of its domestic policy — authoritarian control.

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