May 19, 2024
Four years ago, in February of 2016, could you have accurately predicted the state of American politics today?
You truly can’t make this stuff up. (I mean, seriously: Bernie Sanders? Really?)
You truly can’t make this stuff up. (I mean, seriously: Bernie Sanders? Really?)

Congratulations: It’s February of 2020! The world is still spinning, Punxsutawney Phil has officially predicted an early spring, and it’s high time for a thought experiment: Four years ago, in February of 2016, could you have accurately predicted the state of American politics today?

If your answer is yes, I applaud you. Donald Trump is president, and contrary to many of 2016’s more worried prognostications, he did not go rogue and appoint his sister to the Supreme Court. Instead, he delivered a thoroughly impressive slate of conservative judges to benches across the country. Meanwhile, in a series of developments that would have surprised many in 2016, Trump has engaged in criminal-justice reform, become the first president to speak at the March for Life, and continued to drive a large swath of people — many of whom work at CNN — completely bananas with his prolific tweeting. (Okay, okay. That last development is not a surprise. At all.) 

In response to the ostensibly positive fact that the world has thus far failed to explode like a microwaved potato during the Trump administration — at press time, largely thanks to the obfuscations of the Chinese Communist Party, no one seems quite sure whether the Wuhan coronavirus is a media-driven panic or the beginning of a real-life disaster movie starring a worried-looking Nicolas Cage, so let’s all knock on wood — the Democrats have allowed their heads to proverbially explode instead. 

“All they have to do is not be insane,” the conventional wisdom goes. Ha! Despite the fact that we live in a sprawling country with boatloads of smart and talented people to choose from, the Democrats — if you believe the early polls, anyway — appear to be lining up behind a frequently rambling and occasionally daffy former vice president, a crazed and aggressive 78-year-old socialist who honeymooned in the Soviet Union but also somehow feels okay about owning three houses, an overachieving former South Bend mayor, and a consistently truth-challenged senator whose attempts to rev up her campaign largely involve panicked, half-cocked ideas so far to the left they like parody. 


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Don Deacon
Don Deacon
February 17, 2020 11:03 am

I’m worried as it would appear that Bloomberg is gaining in the polls particularly since it is rumored
that Hillary may be a running mate. Trump doesn’t get any break from the media and now some of his supporters are being subject to physical violence and, except for Fox I don’t see any of the mainstream media covering this situation.

J—s if the Dems get back in or even get the house back there is going to be nothing but but turmoil for the next 4 years. Trump just has to get both houses and start nailing a few hides to the wall by draining the swamp even more than he already has. There’s still a lot of swamp dwellers that need to be dealt with.

February 17, 2020 9:31 am

If this had been Obama the media would have swooned. Obama gave away $150B taxpayer dollars to the ‘death to America’ world sponsors of terrorism, the Iranian Mullahs. The left and their media lackeys had little to no criticism. Yet Trump does this and these same political hand maidens are screaming about the waste of tax payer dollars. Boohoo. The NASCAR fans loved it. Brilliant, Mr. President. Simply brilliant! And patriotic.

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