May 19, 2024
A country in turmoil and a Prime Minister missing-in-action
If Trudeau would rather booze and schmooze with world leaders, he should resign as PM and apply for a position in the UN.
If Trudeau would rather booze and schmooze with world leaders, he should resign as PM and apply for a position in the UN.

The far-left in Canada is out of control. 

Deceitful environmentalist protesters claiming to speak for Indigenous people have set up illegal barricades across the country. They’ve blocked railways and highways — closing major thoroughfares, shutting down commercial and passenger rail and grinding our economy to a halt.

They are threatening the livelihood of countless blue-collar workers, including farmers, manufacturers, construction workers, workers in the forestry, coal and energy industries and so on. And, according to paramedics in British Columbia, they’re also putting lives at risk.

These protesters are as arrogant as they are destructive. They’re throwing a temper tantrum and using the heckler’s veto because they disagree with the results of our democratic process. 

The Coastal GasLink pipeline carrying liquified natural gas from northeastern British Columbia to the west coast has already been approved by the courts as well as every level of government.

This includes the Trudeau government, who have always erred on the side of listening to First Nations and giving them veto powers over pipelines, as well as the left-wing NDP government in British Columbia, who have done everything in their power to block other pipelines from reaching Canada’s west coast. 


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February 17, 2020 5:08 pm

Enough is enough. Clear the blockades, restore the rule of law

I take issue with the accuracy of a couple of quotes from the NP article Jack Tweets about.

A government that seems incapable of enforcing the rule of law or asserting the national interest has lost the will to govern.

The government DOES NOT enforce the law. The government writes the law. They then must (and across the nation today we are seeing what happens if they don’t) get the hell out of the way of the police whose duty it is enforce the law. Trudeau of all people knows this better than anybody else after getting caught sticking his nose where he had no legal right to (and got caught) re the Judy Raybould Wilson fiasco. Believe this. He’s at it again

Our law enforcement agencies are idled, awaiting the direction no one in government seems willing to give. In the absence of firm political leadership, fingers are pointed everywhere except where they belong.

Our law enforcement agencies are idled specifically because they did get ‘direction’ from the government. And obviously those directions took priority over the court order (at least in B.C.) which gave them clear direction. From the court – Clear them out. Dismantle the barricades. Do it now. From the Trudeau government – go easy. Stand down. There is no other explanation as to why the police are so timid. None. Believe this. Those rank and file men and women are chopping at the bit to get turned loose on these anarchists. Demoralizing for them to say the least. Their superiors are more beholding to their political masters than they are to their oaths. Than they are to their country.

The only way this is going to end is when/if the courts start ordering (and leave no possible doubt as to their sincerity) that the police enforce their injunctions and be damn quick about it… or else. They have to be very specific and include their expectations clearly in the same order. That disobeying court orders is NOT an option for the police anymore than it is for any other person or organization in this country. Contempt of court brings with it immediate and sever consequences. So easy. Guaranteed. Problem solved.

February 17, 2020 3:44 pm

JHC! More anti-pipeline protestors thumbing their noses at the law. At Canada. Causing more devastating damage to our nation’s economy. There are plenty of laws right now on the books available to utilize to clear these anarchists out so fast they wouldn’t know what hit them. Just one and so obvious, Criminal code ‘Causing a Disturbance”. Summary conviction liable to a maximum 6 months in the slammer. Use it! Provincial Statute ‘Blocking Traffic’. Same penalty available. Use it! Start using our laws for what they were designed to be used for, protecting the public otherwise what good are they? It’s all here, in black and white…

Causing disturbance, indecent exhibition, loitering, etc.

175 (1) Every one who

(a) not being in a dwelling-house, causes a disturbance in or near a public place,
(i) by fighting, screaming, shouting, swearing, singing or using insulting or obscene language,
(ii) by being drunk, or
(iii) by impeding or molesting other persons,
(b) openly exposes or exhibits an indecent exhibition in a public place,
(c) loiters in a public place and in any way obstructs persons who are in that place, or
(d) disturbs the peace and quiet of the occupants of a dwelling-house by discharging firearms or by other disorderly conduct in a public place or who, not being an occupant of a dwelling-house comprised in a particular building or structure, disturbs the peace and quiet of the occupants of a dwelling-house comprised in the building or structure by discharging firearms or by other disorderly conduct in any part of a building or structure to which, at the time of such conduct, the occupants of two or more dwelling-houses comprised in the building or structure have access as of right or by invitation, express or implied, is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

Marginal note: Evidence of peace officer

(2) In the absence of other evidence, or by way of corroboration of other evidence, a summary conviction court may infer from the evidence of a peace officer relating to the conduct of a person or persons, whether ascertained or not, that a disturbance described in paragraph (1)(a) or (d) or an obstruction described in paragraph (1)(c) was caused or occurred.

R.S., 1985, c. C-46, s. 175;
1997, c. 18, s. 6.

The OPP response to mass criminality? They volunteer to do traffic control and send in a negotiating team? WTF! Victims negotiating with their captors. Who speaks for the victims? Nobody that’s who! Cowardly to the nth degree. Considering the police across Canada refuse to enforce the law then the Feds could get a court order in about an hour. Then the easy part. The court issuing should do their job, not half, the entire job. The judge who issues the injunction ordering the blockade to disband could and should order the police to obey his order immediately or face contempt of court. And mean it. I have discussed this contempt of court route with a retired superior court judge. He agrees that it would be totally appropriate for the court to ‘order’ the police to enforce his injunction or face contempt of court. Say what he means and leave zero doubt in the minds of police brass that he means what he says. Dare Trudeau to even think about pulling another obstruction of justice stunt by interfering.

Believe this. My well known and highly respected 4 decades old Judge friend has no doubt that Trudeau is bald facing lying to Canadians when he claims he is staying at arm’s length away from telling the police how to handle these situations. We both agree on this. Canadians should have no doubt whatsoever that senior Trudeau people have held high level meetings with senior law enforcement and in turn told the police to go easy. Any judge worth his salt could put an end to this political/police cowardice in a heartbeat. As I have said before, the police won’t read the riot act to these protestors so the court need to read the riot act to the police. This crap is so easily and quickly ended. All it needs is a judge willing to step up and do his job. The whole job not just half.