May 19, 2024
Senate Trial Sentences America to Boredom
Sore losers make lousy impeachers.
Sore losers make lousy impeachers.

A political Halley’s Comet flew over the Capitol this week. Even politics junkies averted their gaze.

The Senate impeachment trial of a sitting president, just the third such event in the history of the republic, strangely acted as soporific rather than stimulant. Richard Burr led a contingent of colleagues using fidget spinners to stay alert. Rand Paul allegedly drew a picture of the capitol building as House members orated. A bipartisan group of senators reportedly violated rules by wearing Apple watches or using digital devices. Others stretched and paced. A New York Times sketch artist captured Jim Risch, a Republican from Idaho, asleep. Many Americans imitated him on their couches.

When the sergeant-at-arms cautioned the chamber to “keep silent on pain of imprisonment,” senators, and perhaps even Adam Schiff, wished Jerry Nadler would heed his warning. “The Senate is on trial in the eyes of the American people,” the New York representative informed 100 startled individuals. He called them “complicit” and accused them of engaging in a betrayal. “I see a lot of senators voting for a coverup,” casting “a treacherous vote,” and issuing a “vote against the United States.” This stood as one of the few shrill alarms during the prolonged slumber.


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