May 19, 2024
Trump? It’s Time to Prosecute Obama
Cash payment to Iranian mullahs violated federal law.
Cash payment to Iranian mullahs violated federal law.

While Democrats are demanding the impeachment of the current president, how about prosecuting the last one?

With the newfound concern for presidential law-breaking — and as the impeachment trial of President Trump gears up a new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO), saying President Trump broke the law by withholding aid to Ukraine — the precedent for effectively prosecuting alleged presidential lawbreaking has now been set.

Which brings the focus to a prosecution of former President Barack Obama.

Over there at National Review, way back in August of 2016, Andrew McCarthy — Andy a former federal prosecutor — headlined this:

President Obama Violated the Law with His Ransom Payment to Iran

After acknowledging the outrage over the cash payment and the charges that Obama paid a ransom for hostages, former prosecutor McCarthy said this of the now-infamous Obama transfer of a cash payment to the Iranian mullahs:


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